Kriti reiki lamp with Camphor (Inclusive of all taxes)

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"A specially designed device for removing negative, ill health creating energies and purifying the environment. 
The dish at the top holds purifying camphor, while at the bottom we put candle to evaporate the camphor. 
Where there is a Lot of negative depression /stress energy in the atmosphere, the special design of the device capture and Burns It. 
This can be seen as an accumulation of black carbonized material that grows below the camphor receptacle in a typical beehive type of structure. 
As the atmosphere in the area purifies (over a few day) you will find the beehive structure appears infrequently, even if the flame is very close to the camphor receptacle. This is evidence that the beehive does not grow because of incomplete combustion As one may be led to think The beehive structure will appear from time to time depending on environmental energy condition. 
Where there is a major accumulation of negative mental-emotional energy the odours of evaporating camphor is significantly reduced or even absent. 
As the atmosphere cleans up a strong camphor smell returns. 
Avoid touching the black carbonized residue directly. 
After removing any usable camphor from the receptacle in running water and clean with a good detergent. 
Dry off and use as before. " Note:- Camphor free with this reiki Lamp.