Kriti Feng Shui Five Mukhi Rudraksh with Turkish Evil Eye Bracelet (Inclusive of all taxes)

340.00 520.00


These Energized Semiprecious Major benefit of 5 mukhi rudraksh is that its wearer gains health and peace. 
It increases memory also help control blood pressure and promotes prosperity. 
Turkish evil eyes (Talisman) are an object which you believe has magic powers to project you or bring you lucks. 
Turkish people believe that it absorbs bad energy coming from evil eyes. 
Usually, no one leaves Turkey without purchasing a blue and white evil eye charm. 
No place of business or home is without one they come in many styles, from simple to ornate. 
Legend had it that it protects you from “bad luck”.  
“Bad luck” translates into evil or harm wished upon you from another who are jealous of your prosperity happiness & growth. 
Disclaimer: These Semi Precious stone/Beads are believed to bring about all the good things. 
We do not guarantee its success and are not responsible for any claims. 
Any person with a conditions requiring medical attension should consult a qualified practitioner or therapist. 
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